Monday, August 14, 2023

On July 25th, AgeGuide hosted a Special Session on Advocating for Equity in Longevity to explore ways we can positively impact the quality and length of our lives on federal, state, and organizational levels. Our amazing panel of speakers included Oliva Umoren, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy for USAging; Courtney Hedderman, Associate State Director, AARP; and Janine Hill, PhD, President of Soar Strategies and author of the book, “Embracing Equity.

As average life expectancy continues rising to unprecedented heights, the impact of these population shifts ripples across every facet of society. It impacts our healthcare systems, government, communities, and of course, the economy.

Even though people are living longer than ever before in human history, many factors outside of our control, such as where we are born; our racial, ethnic, and personal characteristics; and our financial status impact how long we live. This session was an opportunity to explore how we can work together to make longevity more equitable for all through public policy decisions and advocacy efforts.

To continue the powerful messages that were brought forth at the session, we invite you to join the conversation at our Aging Summit in a couple of weeks!

SAVE THE DATE! The Aging Summit will be held on Wednesday, August 23rd at the Northern Illinois University Outreach Campus featuring keynote speaker, Raymond A. Jetson, Chief Executive Catalyst at MetroMorphosis.



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