Funded Partner Reporting

Recipients of AgeGuide funding are responsible for managing and monitoring each project, program, service, function or activity supported by the award and are required to submit timely, complete and accurate performance and financial reports in such form, and containing such information as required.

Recipients are required to purchase and utilize specific software and have sufficient data transfer bandwidth capability. Recipients must be able to relate financial data to performance data and to develop unit cost and service outcome information whenever practical.

Funded Partner Training Resources

AgingIS Training Videos

AgingIS Instructional Video

AgingIS – Logging In & Out

AgingIS – Eligibility & Services

AgingIS – Adding Clients & Duplicate Clients

AgingIS – Reports

Reporting Quick Reference Guide

SHIP Tracking & Reporting System (STARS) Training Video

Funded Partner Onboarding Training Videos

Module 1 (Video)

Module 1 (PowerPoint Slides)

Module 2 (Video)

Module 2 (PowerPoint Slides)

Module 3 (Video)

Module 3 (PowerPoint Slides)

Module 4 (Video)

Modules 4 (PowerPoint Slides)


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