Monday, August 14, 2023

AgeGuide is happy to announce a new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Steering Committee! AgeGuide’s mission is to be a vital resource and advocate for people as we age by providing thoughtful guidance, supportive services, and meaningful connections. To ensure our mission extends to all our communities, we are committed to implementing new strategies that will create lasting change.

AgeGuide recently revised their strategic plan, intensifying outreach to historically underserved populations in their 8-county service area by increasing awareness and access and advancing equity through their work.

Guiding us in this important work is Janine Hill (President) and Avy Kea (DEI Consultant and Facilitator) of Soar Strategies. This partnership creates space for the following efforts to support this vision:

  1. Education and Awareness

We will conduct two trainings – one for staff and one for funded partners, about DEI and racial equity principles and adequately reaching and meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse aging population in the catchment area.

  1. Implementation and Support

The new Steering Committee, including diverse representation from staff and funded partners, will provide support and help with the implementation of DEIA goals.

The purpose of this committee is to embrace the knowledge and experience of diverse communities and ensure services are accessible to all. We are dedicated to building a foundation of equity as we learn and grow along with our community partners, thought-leaders, and Soar Strategies.


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