Friday, August 12, 2022

Life is short, but longevity is increasing. The average life expectancy continues to grow. What will we do with our extra years? 

The Legislative Committee of the AgeGuide Board holds several Special Legislative Sessions throughout the year to focus on emerging issues and to amplify our advocacy voice. As average life expectancy continues rising to unprecedented heights, the impact of these population shifts ripples across every facet of society. It impacts our healthcare systems, government, communities, and of course, the economy. 

On August 30th, join us to hear about practical and sustainable approaches to creating communities where we can all age well in our extra years. Learn how we can advocate for policies and structural changes that contribute to healthy and equitable longevity, like Age Friendly Collaboratives and accessible housing models. Our distinguished panelists will share their expertise on these issues.   

This special session is also part of a larger conversation AgeGuide is fostering around a longevity agenda and will serve as a kick-off for the inaugural Aging Summit, on October 3rd, 2022 at the Northern Illinois University Outreach Campus in Naperville. This event will allow AgeGuide to bring its vision to life by creating space for meaningful conversations around age, longevity, and inclusive communities.  

The upcoming Special Session will help begin these important conversations. Everyone is welcome to attend – advocates, aging adults, caregivers, professionals, thought leaders, and anyone who understands that they have a vital stake in shaping the aging journey. We hope you’ll join us. Register here for the AgeGuide Special Legislative Session. 



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