Tuesday, February 13, 2024

African American artists — poets, writers, visual artists, and dancers — have historically served as change agents through their crafts. Drawn from their ancestors’ ancient rites of passage and the shared hopes of liberty, Black artists continue to use creative expressions to enhance progressive change.

Black History Month 2024 celebrates the rich tapestry of African American contributions and struggles throughout history. This year’s theme, African Americans and the Arts, pays homage to the deep-seated heritage while empowering future generations to soar.

African American art is infused with African, Caribbean, and Black American lived experiences. In the fields of visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary, and other forms of cultural expression, the African American influence has been paramount.

Art is used as a platform for social justice – meaning, message, and movements inspired by artists across disciplines including film, music, poetry, theater, and visual art.

Black older adults influence our communities every day through their work, creativity, volunteerism, and dedication. Here at AgeGuide, we want to use our platform to expand these voices, and to share stories and resources. Through education, reflection, and action, communities unite to amplify Black voices, stories, and art, fostering understanding, empathy, and progress.

Black History Month Resources:

Expanding Voices and Stories: A Collection of African American Narratives by the National Museum of African American History and Culture

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National Caucus and Center on Black Aging Inc.


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