Wednesday, July 14, 2021

July is nationally designated as Minority Health Awareness Month, also known as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color) Mental Health Month. This formally recognized month was established in June of 2008 in order to bring awareness to the unique struggles that Blacks, Indigenous People and People of Color face regarding mental wellness.  

This year’s theme is Strength in Communities. As our nation and communities have awakened in the last year to longstanding issues of injustice and racism, July is an opportunity to highlight the mental health needs of traditionally underserved and underrepresented populations which have been impacted by trauma, racism, stigma, and inequality.  

As we take the time to unite together as a community to reflect, bring awareness to, and advocate for the challenges faced by people of color, we invite you to take a quick look at your mental health and take steps to boost your general well-being. The following are suggestions from Mental Health America: 

  • connect with others
  • look for the positive  
  • create healthy routines 
  • support others  


Mental Health America – BIPOC Mental Health Month 

Test Your Mental Health 


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