Friday, December 15, 2023

There’s so much to look forward to every winter season. Socializing with friends, visiting loved ones, volunteering, and enjoying the arts are just a few of the things we all can look forward to. But the one thing no one ever looks forward to is a serious illness. That’s why the Eldercare Locator’s 2023 Home for the Holidays campaign is focused on connecting older adults, caregivers, and families with information on vaccines and local resources that can help make getting vaccinated easy.

The Eldercare Locator can connect you with community providers in your area to help you get your recommended vaccines. These local organizations deliver a range of programs that help you access vaccines such as outreach programs, vaccine clinics, transportation programs, and even in-home vaccinations for those who may need it.

Managing your health is a lifelong journey that involves prioritizing fitness, eating well, nurturing social connections, and attending routine medical check-ups. Staying up to date on recommended vaccinations is a vital part of healthy aging, especially during the holiday season.


Vaccine Fact Sheet

Home for the Holidays Brochure


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