Friday, December 15, 2023

As many of us look forward to gathering with friends and family this season, a number of us may find this season to be challenging. Some people are alone during the holidays or feel especially depressed this time of year. Finding ways to stay busy and connected is essential to our well-being. This is important for everyone, especially older adults. Make Room at The Table’s annual Holiday Lists give various ways people can enjoy the holidays by themselves, as well as simple strategies to dish out helpings of festive connectivity for those engaged in solitary celebrations.

Holiday Tips to Stay Engaged

  • Engage in holidays crafts and simple projects such as writing holiday cards to loved ones, stringing popcorn garlands, decorating, or wrapping Christmas gifts.
  • Listen to festive holiday music.
  • Experiment with new recipes and make some holiday goodies like gingerbread houses, holiday cookies, and other sweet treats.

Holiday Tips to Stay Connected

  • Attend an online or in-person religious service or holiday event.
  • Call friends or family members to check-in with them during the holiday season.
  • Record a video for an older adult loved one! There are apps that make recording and editing video quick and easy. Being able to see or hear loved ones at any time is a true gift for many of us.

Make Room @ The Table Campaign

Make Room @ The Table (MR@TT) belongs to the national Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness. Each year, the group shares a list of simple, fun and thoughtful tips to help combat loneliness and create connections not just during the holidays, but all year and for people of all ages. AgeGuide recommends checking out some of Make Room @ The Table’s other tips for staying connected and engaged

For more information about MR@TT, follow their Facebook for more tips and resources on ways to make the most out of your holiday season!


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